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September 29, 2006

Cerita sedih...

September 28, three years ago
a tearful night
an unexpected words coming out
I listened to
I was shocked on my chair
It's like the world black-out suddenly
Yes, it seemed I couldn't breath

I let him go
without smile
He asked me to
I didn't want to
I loved him
no rain
But that was coming
thunder everywhere
rain so heavy

Three years later
Think I had erased him
Think I had forgotten him completely
Think I could open my heart
to someone new
But I can't
a lil' room still there
waiting to ruin
So I can move on

I'm wrong anyway
I don't have any heart
to ruin it
It's so sacred
too sincere

I'm here
hoping he's coming
He's coming to me
but not him
Who could save me
save all the way
before I get drawning too deep
for hoping an illusion

Mungkin salah satu cara terbaik untuk mengurangi kesedihan dan rasa sakit hati adalah menangis...
Menangis hingga kauterlelap
Menangis hingga ketika kauterbangun keesokan harinya, kau bahkan lupa apa saja yang kautangisi...

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