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January 02, 2012


January 02, 2012 1 Comments
Hey it's new year, 2012. Let's leave 2011 behind with all the highest gratitude to the Owner of Universe, Allah swt. For the good and bad. For the joy and sadness. For the health and sickness. For ups and downs. For weird and incredible moments. For everything... Alhamdulillah, ya Rab.

This year will be more colorful, of course with some bright and cheerful colors. Allah still puts me on a test in love life. Thanks Lord, that surely is the moment of awakening. ;D Well, though it's still under construction or maintenance period, I am very optimistic that everything will be beautiful in time. And insya Allah, I don't wanna be somebody I'm not, somebody I don't even know. It hurts people, including me myself.

Let's focus on a thing called Career. What's up in 2012? Let me tell you all, finally, alhamdulillah, I've got the opportunity to become a Brand Person! Yep, I've officially accepted in Brand Development Dept. or people usually call it Brand Team. That's what I've been dreaming of, my passion, my goal. It's not the end of my journey, it's a beginning! This year will become the start of my journey in brand. I will learn a lot, do a lot, catch up what I've been left behind. Yeah, it will be an adventurous year for me. Bismillaahirrahmaanirrahim...

I'm gonna share my journey on how I finally got there. It took almost 5 years to achieve that position. So long, huh, hahaha..

2007-2008 -- 1st phase of my career journey. I was a creative in a national television station. I learned a lot, had so much fun and worked hard, very hard, hahaha... I was intensely in touched with creative area, communication area, media, production process, entertainment industry, show, etc. It was fun world, no doubt. Although we worked real hard, crazy, it could be 24 hours and 7 days. And even that work schedule could ruin your date, hahaha.. Hey you out there, who did crew call when we were hanging out, ring a bell?! hahaha... I then realized that it consumed too much time, too much energy. I contemplated then I realized I just wanna be an ordinary woman, I wanna have my own family, I don't wanna be 24 hours at the office. But I do love communication industry, my passion is here. But what is it? I actually had no concrete form of brand in my mind. What I know at that time, I want to be somebody in this area, communications.

2008-2010 -- 2nd phase of my career journey. I was a project manager in a well-known advertising agency. Maybe the term project manager is too high profile, let's change it into project management staff, hehehe. It was fun also. This creative industry has shaped me into some crazy, bold, more fun and weird person. I was getting closer to brand, I handled many big and famous brand. Though I was not an account or creative person at that company, I still had so much learning. It was the moment I know, I wanna be in a brand team, become a brand person, and in a client side. After 2 years and several months, I moved to a company, a client side, my current office.

mid 2010-end 2011 -- 3rd phase of my career journey. When I was interviewed I didn't know for sure about my position. But it was close to my goal, brand. I told the interviewer at that time (then later on became my manager) that I actually wanted to be in brand team. He told that in the company, employees had opportunity to develop themselves and moved to another dept was so possible. He said I could join in brand team someday, when there was opportunity. Then after a year, there was an opportunity. I applied then alhamdulillah I got it!

early 2012-... -- 1st phase of my journey in brand. This will be exciting, colorful and awesome. Ya Rab, please guide and bless me always. I'm ready to take this challenge. Bismillaahirrahmaanirrahim...

And still...

Love u, life. :D