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July 06, 2009


Been blessed by Allah. About love life, family life. Emm maybe Allah still wanna try me out on work life. I'm trying to search another opportunity, try to survive in a very hectic workload. On the other side, I'm really thankful that Allah has answered my pray. AeN's got a job. Insya Allah, it's the job where he can develop his ability and skills, esp his business skill. I always pray that he always gets the best, do the best and be the best. Next year? Insya Allah. Hope for that also. Had asked nenek n mang kamal to pray for me and him in from of Kabah, hohoho. Ya Allah, pls answer my pray... My intention is to worship you, to live Rasulullah's sunnah. Amiiinn...

Another story? It's still in creative development, hahahaha...

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