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April 22, 2011

Bad Influence

Just wanna share something about bad influence from a person to another person. Unfortunately, it happened to some people I know. Some even quite close. Well, that bad influence has changed that person significantly, some are very insignificant. It's various, from the change of a mindset, personalities and attitude.

For example bad influence in love life. Love is blind. Ehm, maybe it's true. But, you're not blind. At least your heart and mind. When you're close to someone, and they give you bad influence for your life, guess you need to rethink. You're not blind to feel that yourself has changed because of that person. You're not blind in the mind that that person has transferred you into different personality. Before, you were a honest, trustful, truthful, and faithful person. Then, you got close with someone. It seems sweet but it's actually bitter. It seems so good, but it's actually inappropriate. Then, you become someone else. You become a liar, a very good liar. Not only to your lover, friends but the worst is to your parents. Promise, vow in the name of God or prophet are broken, not sacred anymore. You were gentle and soft person, then became a monster just in a second. Different personality, made by bad influencer. That bad influence has blinded you, blinded your heart, mind and even your faith.

Then, the bad influencer themselves. Maybe God sent them to your life to teach you something. To teach you about losing someone/something precious, honesty, faith, respect, dignity and trust. The bad influencer may be a form of devil trying to consistently seduce and spread the evil air. They have no shame. They never think that they have changed a person in a bad way. Sacrifice for a lover may look romantic and sweet. But if it sacrifices your honest heart, respect to others then it is not romantic or sweet anymore. It's mean, evil, really. I never understand, why such people are really proud for being an evil person. The lover has been tamed, they do whatever the bad influencer ask them to do. Although for that, the lover has lied to everyone. Not just to his friends, collegues, but also betrayed and lied to God, mom, dad and best friends.

In this case, I think it's somekind of a tremendous pleasure to them. That whatever the cost, the lover has obeyed to what they ask, they want. The bad influencer doesn't care about norms, about others' feeling or about what's right or wrong. They only care about themselves, about their satisfaction, about their lust. So selfish and evil.


When you know it's wrong, it's not right, inappropriate, just stop it. Dont get blinded too long. Dont let evil inside you or from others make you blind and erase genuine and kind personality you have. I'm telling you, it's never worthy to sacrifice those good things only for a bad influencer.

Love you, live... =D

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