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April 07, 2011

think about these, ladies

For all ladies wherever you are, or for people who think they're lady enough. ;D
Just wanna share my thoughts about you and maybe your man, husband to be (or you think he's your man?! :P).

- Does he remind you not to use sexy dress? Hun, your back is too open. Your skirt is too short, your sleeve is too low. If not, think again? Is it love or lust? Cos imam-to-be will of course remind you about that. He won't let his wife-to-be to dress up too sexy and let other men see her sexiness. Backless, short pants, mini skirt, tank top, sexy dress, shirt with cleavage.

- I like to hang out, going to the club, dugem until midnite or even over it. And he's cool with that. Really? If he's cool, he won't let his lady to visit the club until midnite or even morning comes. He won't be okay seeing his lady or wife to be drinks alcohol or dances madly on the club floor.

- I'm serious with you, he said. Really? Rethink. Did he introduce you to his family? To his very very best friends? Proudly introduce you as his lady to his co-workers? Does he tell her mom about his love to you? Do his parents even know you? No?

- We always have fun, see movies, eat good food, traveling. When he's broken,does he tell you the truth? Are you be by his side when he's in trouble? In poor condition? Walking by his side when his motorcycle run out fuel? Take a public bus, angkot when you're going to cinema perhaps? Or he always drives a car when meeting you? It's not essential. When you're gonna be as one, you must experience the luxury, good and bad things with him and he also wanna share it to you.

- He likes to hang out with my best friends. We even have a chat group together. Does he ask you to hang out with his buddies? Having vacation together? Ask you to accompany him to his best mate wedding?

- You think he's close to your family. Are you close to his family too? Does he ask you to his family gathering? Introduce you to his big family? Proudly tell them that you're his wife to be? Send hug and kisses with his mom and unties? Do you?

- He really cares about you. Visit you when you're sick, accompany you to see doctor. Where are you when he's really sick? Are you the 1st person he calls when he's in pain? Are you the person who takes care of him when he's ill? Are you by his side when he's feeling unwell? No? Seldom? Or never?

- You gave him couple t-shirt, same accessories, even ring. Does he also wear it on other occasions? So that he can show it off to his colleagues? To his family? When they said, wow cool tshirt. Hei, this is from my girlfriend.

- You think you communicate very good. You gave him gadget to support it. Does he call you from his home when he's got no pulse on his mobile phone? Does he send you voucher, although in a very small amount and say, "so that you can keep calling me"?

- I'm gonna marry him and he's surely gonna marry me. Contemplate. Does he propose you? Does he ask his family to propose you? Has he told his family about marrying you? You're not gonna marry him and himself. But you're also gonna marry his family and your family will marry his. Is it happening? No? Then, how come you're so sure he's gonna marry you?

- He promises me that he won't leave me. He won't leave you because of you and his love to you? Or he won't leave you because you asked him to? Because you've given him too much? Even something you mustn't give until you're married? He won't leave you because you demanded so? Because you think you've got the key to hold him? Or because you always beg? And look him with sad eyes whenever he wants to leave you? It's not because of his sincerity. It's because you think there's price he has to pay for so much things you've given to him. And it's not healthy. It's mean.

- You have same religion? Do you pray together? Seeing church and praise the lord together? He's your imam, you're his makmum and you both do shalat together often? Never? Once or twice? Need more than just being together to be solid.

So, love or lust? Care or pity? Sincere or with intention? Serious or only play?
Promise is old-fashion, lady. Action is forever trend.
You decide, ladies...

Love you, life. =D

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