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January 05, 2010

2010 Resolutions


1. Step into more serious stage, not just ‘in a relationship’ anymore.
2. Ngaji, salat sunah, puasa sunah. Do it more often, young lady!
3. Find another job. Still, marketing communications is your first priority.
4. Run your business seriously and develop it through the year.
5. Keep visiting more interesting places. Finish your last year lists and add some more.
6. Start new activity. You’ve picked crochet or ‘merajut’. Once you’re good in it, you can choose another.
7. Learn to cook. At least 2 recipes in a month.
8. Do banana diet again. Stay on the right track, 52 kg.
9. Save pennies in ‘celengan’ or buy jewelry.
10. Learn to drive a car and get the A license.
11. Get a passport. You’ll never know when you’ll go abroad.
12. Keep in touch with more friends. Use social networking tools. At least once a week.
13. Read more pages of books. At least one page in a day.
14. Be more fashionable in your own way.

No more leyeh2, temans. Semangat!!

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