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March 10, 2011


Sometimes, a couple of questions pop up and make me wonder. It is about heart, tolerance, dignity, respect, love, shame, evil.

I never agree on the idea of having affair, cheating, being "another" person in a relationship, and being happy by destructing someone's happiness or dreams. We as women can't just close our eyes and take for granted. If we know it's wrong and it hurts another person's heart, ruining a relationship, why should you carry on that evil thing?

I sometimes question these...
- How come you can be "another" person in a relationship without feeling guilty or even thinking about there's someone hurts because of what you're doing?
- Are you satisfied by hurting other people?
- Why are you doing with someone who has a relationship? Why can't you control yourself?
- Are you sure you have dignity as a human? You and yourself even don't respect others by doing so.
- Don't you think if you have sister/brother, best friend, mom/dad and they are cheated on, betrayed, are you happy?
- Are you happy looking at your beloved ones betrayed?
- Are you happy when knowing the fact that your best friend's spouse cheated on him/her? Don't you ever think that what if the affair you've done is experienced by the people you love the most?
- Will you let and support your beloved sister/brother/best friend when you know they are doing something wrong, cheating, having affair, and hurting someone's heart?
- Will you be just quiet and act like you don't know?
- Are you sure you're doing right when you start a relationship with someone who has a couple, a spouse?

Really, sometimes I just don't get it. Yet, I always pray that I don't do something evil like that or even just close to it. It is never right. Never...

Nauzubillah min zalik...

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