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January 02, 2011

Welcome 2011

Hello 2011! Here you are, has come. What's next? Dunno is the answer, hehehe.

Year 2010 gave so many colors to my life. Although in the last half year punched me right on my face, I still thank Allah swt for everything. My resolutions? I achieved some, but mostly not, hahahaha. Yap, Allah always has plans, the best plans for the human beings. We only design, do FA and when it comes to execution of production, Allah will decide whether it's gonna become a great, good, average or bad production. So production person, hahahaha. Well, reality bites.

For 2011? I don't wanna make any resolution. I don't wanna be hurt anymore, hehehe. Just do the things right, be a better woman, keep up the good works, be who I am. Everything will be beautiful in the right time, whenever it is. And one thing, be ikhlas for everything.

Ya Allah, please guide me always. Please never leave me. Please help me to overcome any challenge in my life. Please help me to be wiser and forgive others. Please help me to be a woman with dignity, always. Please help me to achieve my happiness and success without hurting others' life or even ruining theirs.

Amin allahumma amiiin....

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