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June 28, 2011

everything gets rougher, tougher, harder

Everything seems tougher now. To be honest, I don't know what to choose. I don't know how to trust you again. You've hurt me so much. You've lied to me, you cheated, you betrayed me, you broke promises, you faked vows, you were rude to me, you easily got tense, you didn't appreciate me, you fooled me, you hide the truth, you didn't prioritize me...

Tell me how to trust u after u did all those things?
What will you do to fix all things?
What can you prove to me?
You can do extra efforts? How? You never show me. You never take initiative.
It is what I want, not what you want. You don't do it because of me, no because you want to do it to fix your mistakes.
I want you to do it, I always tell you what you have to do. But you never take initiative, what can you do to make me happy, to make me trust you again?

I don't know. You can't remember how to be AeN, my AeN. You've forgotten how to be my AeN.

I don't know. It seems you don't love me at all. You just don't wanna get embarrassed. It is not because you want to see me happy by doing anything to pay your mistakes.

It's getting harder, really...

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